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New pro bono project with Journey to Justice

Journey to Justice
Project summary:
Project: The charity has been in existence since 2013 and has an ongoing programme of work involving local affiliated groups.  Journey to Justice have an outline of a strategy with objectives to achieve over the next three years and need to develop their management arrangements, including; administration systems, data/information systems, evaluation and impact in the short and longer term, volunteer management, appropriate separation of governance and operational delivery, fundraising, approach to risk and business continuity.  This needs to be done whilst the ongoing programme is delivered but it is necessary for the charity to have as strong a base as possible in order to be sustainable. The volunteer(s) will need experience in developing strategy, business planning, analysing risk, developing performance monitoring, and measuring impact, frameworks.  Thus the work involves a combination of ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ OR skills. Time commitment: 5-10  days

Volunteer Opportunity! New Pro Bono Project with PKAVS


Project summary:
Project: PKAVS holds extensive details on activities and outputs, and is looking to fully embrace impact reporting. The organisation would like to move towards a logical model/Theory of Change based approach, to help plan impact evaluation, and provide a sound base to focus on future strategy development.
The exact work to be undertaken by the volunteer will depend on their initial discussions with PKAVS, but it is likely to include: -working with the Senior Management Team, Development Officer, and any other stakeholders they propose, to map out a logic model for each of the relevant services. -identifying any issues (disagreements on aims, gaps in evidence etc.) for PKAVS to take forward. -Identifying steps for outcome/impact measurement. This could include exploring possible data sources, agreeing suitable measures, developing a project plan, or taking the work further.
Time on site may be useful to talk through reports/findings/implications and access to data.

New pro bono project with Manchester Women's Aid - requires female volunteer

Due to the nature of this project this charitable organisation are looking for a female #ProBonoOR volunteer, in order to protect the interests of service users. 

Manchester Women’s Aid
Project summary:
Project: Manchester Women’s Aid aim to offer safe temporary housing for women and children during which time staff work with them to develop plan to start getting their life back on track. Manchester Women’s Aid also offer community based support for women and men living in their own homes. The problem: The charity finds that, in some cases, they are not able to offer service users the sort of help they need to enable them to move on from the temporary accommodation Manchester Women’s Aid provide. This causes several problems. For example: ·The residents who are unable to move on without delay are not having their needs met and should be getting support elsewhere (Manchester Women’s Aid is only set up to provide temporary housing). It stops Manchester Women’s Aid from offering emergency servic…

New Project! Volunteers wanted for new project with Greenpower Education Trust

Greenpower Education Trust
Project summary:
Project: A volunteer is required to assess the requirements and benefits of integrating Greenpower’s accounting, website and CRM systems to support and accelerate anticipated future growth. Greenpower currently operate a Sage 50 accounting system, a Drupal website/shop system and will soon be implementing a CRM system (most likely to be Salesforce). We require expert advice to help define our requirements for IT systems integration to present to potential providers, and an assessment of the benefits integration will provide as part of the business case for investment in this activity. This will help to ensure we make the right decisions to meet our short and long term goals. We are looking for a volunteer to gain an understanding of our business processes and how they tie in with our software systemsproduce a requirements document that can be presented to potential providers·provide an assessment of the benefits of systems integration t…