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Win Free Tickets to The New Scientist Live

If you are a member of the OR Society or a pro bono OR volunteer the you could be in with the chance to win free tickets.
The OR Society is exhibiting at the New Scientist Live, which is taking place at the ExCel in London from Thursday 28th September 2017 to Sunday 1st October 2017. You can find more information about this exciting event here
We have five pairs of complimentary tickets, which we would like to offer to committee members and volunteers as gratitude for all of your hard work and dedication to the Society.
Each complimentary ticket is worth up to £26.00 and will allow entry for any one of those four days, so you could take a partner or friend, or travel solo and gain free entry for two of the four days. For those of you with families, children under 5 years are admitted free of charge and children aged between 5-17 years are admissible upon purchasing a “Child Ticket” for £15.00.
As we only have a limited number of tickets, we will draw five wi…

Pro Bono OR Case Study- Care4All Performance Management Dashboard

Care4All are an established charity who provide social care support and services for hundreds of vulnerable people in North East Lincolnshire and the surrounding area. The charity provides a diverse range of services and support whilst focusing on creating employment opportunities for people with disabilities. With 90 paid staff and 8 volunteers, the charity is constantly seeking to raise it's profile since it was established in 2007. 

Charitable objects include: 
-the relief of those in need, by reason of youth, age, ill-health, disability, financial hardship or other disadvantages.
-the relief of unemployment for the benefit of the public in such ways as may be though fit, including assistance to find employment. 

Care4All had been through a period of significant change and need to make sense of the performance data the collect. there are a few key questions whic needed to be considered for this project:
-What questions do the Care4all management board want to answer or metrics do th…

Starting a charity? ...Keep it simple

The early years journey of a charity can be a fist-shaking experience, but it doesn’t have to be thanks to the endless support that organisations can provide NFPs today. Many start-ups have the same questions, and although there’s no blanket solution, often you find that keeping it simple is a start. The following three steps are a guide to the very early years, after that, there’s Pro Bono OR! Come see for yourself….
Define your aims and objectives Although crowd-funding is more popular than ever, gone are the days that charitable objectives are simply a monetary figure. Charitable engagement has grown from the face-to-face fundraising that we all swerve to avoid in the high street, to creating punishable challenges like trekking across Africa in your undies with nothing but a pencil and a rubber duck! If we expect the community to hop on board with our out-of-the-box events then we need to make sure our purpose is clear. A…